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18/6 Konstutställning “Triumphant Scale”

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Datum: 2019-06-18

Haus der Kunst

Tisdag 18 juni besöker vi Haus der Kunst och utställningen “Triumphant Scale” av El Anatsui

“With “El Anatsui: Triumphant Scale”, Haus der Kunst shows the most comprehensive and detailed presentation of El Anatsui’s oeuvre thus far. Occupying the entire East Wing, the exhibition comprises key works from five decades of the artist’s career. At the core of the exhibition, which focuses on the triumphant and monumental nature of El Anatsui’s groundbreaking oeuvre, are the bottle-cap works from the last two decades, with their majestic, imposing presence and dazzling colors.”

Vi träffas kl 10.30 vid ingången till museet

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